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We assist our clients in buying, selling, letting and maintaining residential and commercial properties. We utilize a state-of-the-art IT-enabled platform to deliver the most effective results and best customer experience.



Sri Lanka’s vibrant real estate market offers great investment opportunities. We possess a comprehensive database of property listings in Colombo and GreaterColombo areas. Our deep understanding of the local marketplace enables us to provide our clients with the best real estate market-related advice for them to take informed investment decisions. 

Not only we find our clients the best properties at the best locations, but also we offer them with best mortgage facilities in partnership with reputed financial institutions or help them to arrange mortgage facilities with their preferred banks. Also, we coordinate all the required legal services and cover the tax aspects in investing in Sri Lankan real estate, making the logistics of a property purchase a pleasant experience. 



In a highly competitive marketplace, employing the right sales and marketing strategies, public relations and pricing remains key to the success of a property sale. This is where the multi-faceted team at Seashells Real Estate could assist landlords and developers with their proven skills, experience and the in-depth understanding of the local market. Seashells Real Estate will handle the entire sales process upon client request, where the landlord or the developer doesn’t have to spend on advertising and worry about estimates.

We possess an extensive database of potential local, foreign and expatriate investors, who are frequently on the lookout for the right investment opportunity. The utilization of our IT-enabled platform makes both buying and selling of real estate efficient, uncomplicated and even fun activity.



Seashells Real Estate is unique from others in the Sri Lanka’s real estate landscape as we offer to manage our clients’ properties, which are given on rent. We look after and carry out all the required maintenance work for the upkeep of the property for an agreed time period.

This makes life easier for both the tenant and the landlord, as the tenant will be dealing with Seashells Real Estate for any maintenance work of the property and the landlord—particularly if an expatriate—will have his or her piece of mind.

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For buying, selling, letting and maintaining residential and commercial properties